Solomon Strategic Energy Advisory offers historical data, forecasts, and analysis on crude oil, natural gas, NGL, LNG, power generation, supply, demand, infrastructure, cost, and pricing.

  • Gas Supply – Assessment of natural gas drilling, supply growth, decline rates, resources and reserves, and operator strategies impacting the expected productive capability of natural gas supply basins.
  • Oil and NGL Supply – Assessment of oil drilling, oil and NGL production growth, resources and reserves, decline rates, productivity, yield, and operator strategies.
  • Demand – Assessment of oil, natural gas, and NGL demand by sector (residential, commercial, industrial, power generation, etc.) and by region.
  • LNG – Assessment of liquified natural gas (LNG) forecasts: supply, demand, and capacities worldwide.
  • Oil, Natural Gas, and NGL Infrastructure – Assessment of oil, natural gas, and NGL pipeline flows and capacities, gas processing plants, storage, and other infrastructure.
  • Prices – Oil and natural gas price and basis differential forecast.
  • Cost – Comparative assessment of full cycle of cost crude oil and natural gas including finding and development cost, operational cost, royalties and production taxes, general and administrative expenditure for different basins.
  • Environmental & Renewables